Xxvi Video Player Apps 2022 Download Mp3

10 min read Jul 08, 2024
Xxvi Video Player Apps 2022 Download Mp3

The Best 26 Video Player Apps for Downloading MP3s in 2022

Are you tired of being limited by YouTube's restrictions when it comes to enjoying your favorite music? Do you crave the freedom to download and listen to MP3s offline, without the hassle of constant buffering? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the 26 best video player apps that allow you to download MP3s, making your music experience truly seamless.

Why Use Video Player Apps for Downloading MP3s?

While dedicated MP3 downloaders exist, video player apps often offer a more comprehensive solution. Here's why:

  • Versatile Features: Many video player apps go beyond just playing videos. They allow you to convert videos to MP3s, adjust audio quality, manage playlists, and even integrate with your music library.
  • User-Friendly Interfaces: Video player apps are designed with ease of use in mind, making navigation and MP3 downloading a breeze.
  • Wide Compatibility: Most video player apps support a variety of formats, ensuring compatibility with your preferred music sources.

Top 26 Video Player Apps for Downloading MP3s

Note: It's essential to use these apps responsibly and adhere to copyright laws. Always ensure you have the necessary permissions before downloading or converting copyrighted material.

Android Apps:

  1. VLC for Android: A widely respected media player known for its versatility, VLC also supports MP3 conversion from videos.
  2. MX Player: A popular choice with a plethora of features, including audio extraction and customizable playback.
  3. KMPlayer: This robust player offers a wide range of codec support and the ability to download MP3s from various sources.
  4. VidMate: This app specializes in downloading videos from numerous websites, including YouTube, and converting them to MP3 format.
  5. SnapTube: Similar to VidMate, SnapTube excels at downloading videos and offers MP3 conversion options.
  6. YMusic: This app lets you play music from YouTube in the background while using other apps and offers download options for MP3s.
  7. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter: This app focuses specifically on converting YouTube videos to MP3, simplifying the process.
  8. MP3 Music Downloader: A dedicated app for searching and downloading MP3s from various sources, offering a streamlined experience.
  9. TubeMate: Known for its simplicity and efficiency, TubeMate excels at downloading videos from YouTube and converting them to MP3.
  10. OGYouTube: This app provides a modified YouTube experience with enhanced download capabilities for MP3s.

iOS Apps:

  1. Documents by Readdle: While not strictly a video player, this app allows you to download videos and use built-in tools to extract audio.
  2. PlayerXtreme Media Player: A versatile player that supports a wide range of video formats and offers MP3 conversion options.
  3. Infuse 7: An excellent choice for media management, Infuse 7 supports both video playback and MP3 conversion.
  4. VLC for iOS: The iOS version of the popular VLC player provides similar features, including MP3 extraction from videos.
  5. ProTube: This app focuses on enhanced YouTube functionality, including downloading videos and converting them to MP3.

Windows Apps:

  1. VLC Media Player: The desktop version of VLC remains a top choice for its versatility and support for MP3 conversion.
  2. GOM Player: Known for its lightweight design and smooth playback, GOM Player also allows MP3 extraction from videos.
  3. PotPlayer: A highly customizable player with advanced features, PotPlayer offers MP3 conversion capabilities.
  4. 5KPlayer: This app excels at downloading and converting videos from various sources, including YouTube, and provides MP3 output options.
  5. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter (Desktop): The desktop version of this app focuses solely on converting YouTube videos to MP3, offering a streamlined solution.

Mac Apps:

  1. VLC Media Player: The Mac version of VLC shares the same powerful features as its other counterparts, including MP3 conversion.
  2. Elmedia Player: This player supports a wide range of formats and includes audio extraction capabilities.
  3. Movist: Known for its smooth playback and support for various audio formats, Movist allows for MP3 conversion.
  4. MPlayerX: A versatile media player with advanced features, MPlayerX allows you to download and convert videos to MP3.
  5. QuickTime Player: Apple's native video player can handle MP3 conversion, though it may require additional plugins.

Web-Based Tools:

  1. Online Audio Converter: This website offers a simple interface for converting videos to MP3 from various sources.

Tips for Choosing the Right Video Player App

  • Consider your platform: Select an app compatible with your device (Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac).
  • Check for features: Determine the specific features you require, such as MP3 conversion, audio quality settings, playlist management, and more.
  • Read reviews: Explore user reviews to get insights into app performance and user experience.
  • Prioritize security: Choose apps from reputable developers and ensure they have a good track record.


With the wide variety of video player apps available, you have ample options for enjoying your favorite music offline. By choosing the right app, you can seamlessly download and listen to MP3s, freeing yourself from the limitations of online streaming. Remember to use these apps responsibly and respect copyright laws. Happy listening!


Q: Are these apps legal?

A: Using these apps to download MP3s from copyright-protected sources can be illegal. It's crucial to only download content you have the right to access or use.

Q: Can I download music from YouTube?

A: Some apps allow you to download music from YouTube, but it's important to note that YouTube's terms of service prohibit downloading videos without permission.

Q: What are the best video player apps for audio quality?

A: Apps like VLC, KMPlayer, and PlayerXtreme Media Player offer excellent audio quality settings, allowing you to customize your listening experience.

Q: Can I use these apps to listen to music online?

A: Some apps offer online streaming capabilities, while others focus solely on offline playback.