Top 50 Bollywood Party Songs Mp3 Download 2021

9 min read Jul 07, 2024
Top 50 Bollywood Party Songs Mp3 Download 2021

Top 50 Bollywood Party Songs MP3 Download 2021: Get Your Groove On!

Looking for the ultimate party playlist to get your friends dancing and celebrating? Bollywood music is renowned for its infectious energy and captivating beats, making it the perfect soundtrack for any bash. Whether you're planning a birthday party, a wedding reception, or simply a night out with friends, these top 50 Bollywood party songs from 2021 are guaranteed to set the mood and keep the party going all night long.

Why Bollywood Party Songs are a Must-Have

Bollywood music has a universal appeal. The vibrant melodies, catchy lyrics, and energetic dance moves are irresistible, making it a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. These songs evoke emotions ranging from joy and excitement to romance and nostalgia, creating a memorable atmosphere for any event.

Top 50 Bollywood Party Songs MP3 Download 2021: The Ultimate Playlist

This curated list features the most popular and energetic party tracks released in 2021, categorized by mood and style. Get ready to dance the night away!

High-Energy Anthems:

  1. "Nach Meri Rani" (Roohi): This electrifying track featuring Nora Fatehi is a true dance floor banger. Its infectious energy and signature dance moves will have everyone hooked.
  2. "Bijli Bijli" (Bell Bottom): A pulsating, energetic track with a captivating hook, "Bijli Bijli" is a must-have for any party playlist.
  3. "Jhoome Jo Pathaan" (Pathaan): This high-octane number featuring Shah Rukh Khan will get you moving in no time. Its catchy lyrics and powerful beats will make it a party favorite.
  4. "Kesariya" (Brahmastra): This romantic and upbeat track is perfect for setting a festive mood. Its enchanting melodies will keep you swaying all night.
  5. "Jug Jugg Jeeyo" (Jug Jugg Jeeyo): A vibrant and uplifting track featuring Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani, "Jug Jugg Jeeyo" will create a celebratory atmosphere for your party.

Romantic & Melodious Tracks:

  1. "Raataan Lambiyan" (Shershaah): This soulful and romantic track by Arijit Singh is perfect for creating a romantic ambiance. Its heartfelt lyrics and soothing melody will resonate with everyone.
  2. "Mere Yaar" (Bell Bottom): A beautiful romantic ballad featuring Arijit Singh, "Mere Yaar" is a perfect choice for a slow dance or a quiet moment.
  3. "Dhokha Dhokha" (Antim: The Final Truth): This soulful and melodious track featuring Arijit Singh is perfect for adding a touch of romance to your playlist.
  4. "Baarish Ki Jaaye" (Shershaah): A soothing and romantic track by B Praak, "Baarish Ki Jaaye" is a perfect choice for a romantic moment.
  5. "Aashiqui Aanewali Hai" (Bell Bottom): This sweet and romantic track will add a touch of love to your party.

Trendy & Modern:

  1. "Dil Mein Chupane Ka" (Bell Bottom): This trendy track is perfect for a modern party. Its catchy tune and upbeat rhythm will keep you moving all night long.
  2. "Kya Baat Hai 2.0" (Bell Bottom): A remix of the popular song "Kya Baat Hai," this track is sure to get the party started. Its catchy lyrics and high-energy beats will keep you dancing.
  3. "Galliyan Returns" (Shershaah): A reimagined version of the popular song "Galiyan," "Galliyan Returns" is a catchy and modern track that will appeal to everyone.
  4. "Rangisari" (Shershaah): This groovy and modern track is perfect for a fun and energetic party. Its catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythm will have everyone dancing.
  5. "Pasoori" (Coke Studio): A global hit with a catchy tune and mesmerizing vocals, "Pasoori" will be a perfect addition to your party playlist.

Dance & Club Anthems:

  1. "Naach Meri Rani" (Roohi): This high-energy track featuring Nora Fatehi is perfect for a dance party. Its infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics will get you moving.
  2. "Tenu Leke" (Roohi): This upbeat and danceable track features Nora Fatehi and is a perfect choice for a party.
  3. "Aafat" (Antim: The Final Truth): This high-energy track featuring Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma is perfect for a dance party.
  4. "Tip Tip Barsa Paani" (Sooryavanshi): This iconic song from the 90s, remade with a modern twist, is a dance floor banger.
  5. "Makhna" (Shershaah): This upbeat and energetic track features Yo Yo Honey Singh and is perfect for getting the party started.

Bonus Tips for the Perfect Party Playlist:

  • Consider your audience: Think about the age group and interests of your guests when selecting songs.
  • Mix up the tempos: Include a variety of fast and slow songs to keep the party flowing.
  • Don't forget the classics: Include some timeless Bollywood hits that everyone knows and loves.
  • Use a playlist app: Create a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music so you can easily switch between songs and control the volume.

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