Top 10 Love Songs Tamil Ringtone Download Mp3 Bgm

7 min read Jul 07, 2024
Top 10 Love Songs Tamil Ringtone Download Mp3 Bgm

Top 10 Tamil Love Songs for Your Ringtone: A Romantic Playlist for Your Phone

Finding the perfect ringtone can be a challenge. It should be catchy, recognizable, and express your personality. For many, a love song ringtone is the perfect way to add a touch of romance to their daily lives. If you're looking for some of the most romantic Tamil love songs to download as ringtones, look no further!

What makes a great love song ringtone?

A great love song ringtone should be:

  • Short and Catchy: It needs to be memorable and instantly recognizable, even when heard in passing.
  • Emotionally Resonant: It should evoke feelings of love, happiness, or longing, reflecting the sentiment you want to convey.
  • High-Quality Audio: A clear, crisp sound ensures a pleasant listening experience, even when played on a phone's speaker.

Top 10 Tamil Love Songs for Ringtone Download

Here are 10 of the most popular and romantic Tamil love songs that are perfect for your ringtone:

1. "Kannukkul Noorugal" - "Kaadhal" (2004)

This soulful melody, sung by the legendary A.R. Rahman, is a classic love song. Its lyrical beauty and melodious tune will instantly uplift your mood.

2. "Enna Solla" - "Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa" (2010)

A modern romantic ballad, "Enna Solla" beautifully captures the essence of love's complexities. It's a perfect choice for those who appreciate a more emotional touch.

3. "Thalli Pogathey" - "Alaipayuthey" (2000)

This timeless tune, sung by the iconic duo Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam, is filled with longing and tenderness. The melody is captivating and will leave you wanting more.

4. "Pachai Kiligal" - "Mounam Pesiyadhe" (2002)

"Pachai Kiligal" is a youthful and vibrant song that celebrates the joy of love. Its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it a fun and energetic ringtone choice.

5. "Uyire Uyire" - "Bombay" (1995)

This iconic duet by Hariharan and Anuradha Sriram perfectly captures the essence of true love. "Uyire Uyire" is a timeless classic that continues to be cherished by fans.

6. "Oru Kili" - "Raaja Raja Chora" (1985)

A timeless song from the 80s, "Oru Kili" is an upbeat and energetic love song. Its catchy tune and playful lyrics make it an ideal choice for a fun and youthful ringtone.

7. "Adiye" - "Kaatru Veliyidai" (2017)

This contemporary love song by A.R. Rahman features powerful vocals by Arijit Singh. It's a modern take on love, full of passionate emotions and a captivating melody.

8. "Kaatru Veliyidai" - "Kaatru Veliyidai" (2017)

This melodious song by A.R. Rahman perfectly captures the essence of love's journey. The tune is evocative and will bring a touch of romance to your phone.

9. "Munbe Vaa" - "Sillunu Oru Kaadhal" (2006)

A sweet and melodious love song, "Munbe Vaa" is a popular choice for ringtones. Its playful tune and charming lyrics are sure to make you smile.

10. "Oruvan Oruvan" - "Alaipayuthey" (2000)

This powerful and emotional ballad beautifully expresses the strength and resilience of love. It's a deeply moving song that will resonate with listeners.

Finding the Perfect Tamil Ringtone

Whether you prefer classic melodies or modern tunes, this list of top 10 Tamil love songs for ringtones provides a diverse selection to choose from.

Where to Download Tamil Ringtone MP3s

Many websites offer a vast collection of Tamil ringtone MP3s for download. Be sure to use reliable and reputable sources to ensure you are getting high-quality files. Look for websites with a large selection, user reviews, and a clear legal disclaimer.

Important Considerations

  • Copyright: Ensure you are legally downloading and using ringtones. Check the website's terms of use or contact the original artists for permission.
  • Quality: Choose high-quality MP3s for the best audio experience.
  • Length: Trim the song to a reasonable length for your ringtone.

Adding a Personal Touch

You can even personalize your ringtone further by creating a custom ringtone using audio editing software. You can choose your favorite sections of the song or add special effects to make it unique.


Choosing the right love song for your ringtone can add a personal touch to your phone and make you smile every time it rings. Whether you're a fan of classic melodies or modern tunes, this list of top 10 Tamil love songs for ringtones has something for everyone. So, browse through the list, download your favorite track, and enjoy a touch of romance on your phone.